What Ales Thomas Jefferson

by Fitzroy on February 4, 2011

America was settled in large part by Puritans. In rural Texas, I live with the consequences of that: a dry town. The predominantly Baptist citizenry of this town also live with the consequences, the primary one being the absence of acceptable dining options. While the Baptists profess to be alcohol free, and no doubt some of them are, many people here show all the signs of an over-indulgence in cream gravy and sweet tea. I suspect they might improve their overall health by giving up soft drinks in favor of beer.

So I’m cheered to see celebrations of a countervailing American tradition. I mentioned George Washington’s distillery awhile back. And now, we have news that Thomas Jefferson’s interest in brewing ale will once again bear fruit with the introduction of Monticello Ale. (H/T Paco)

Beer is, as Ben Franklin said, proof that God loves us. So to my patriotic and devout Baptist friends who encourage us to cultivate a personal relationship with God, can’t we do away with these local laws that prevent us from sharing the love?


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