Proudly Wearing My Stupidity

by Fitzroy on January 20, 2011

Somebody call the death panel: I’m too stupid to live.

That should be self-evident from my opposition to ObamaCare, that ingenious and benevolent legislation that is set to give everybody affordable health care at cheaper rates.  My skepticism that it will pan out as planned is surely irrational because, you see, the legislation was crafted by people with good intentions.  As any liberal will tell you, good intentions are all that really matters.

And there’s the dilemma.  Because if I’m not too stupid to see that ObamaCare will usher in a health-care paradise, then my opposition must mean that I’m evil.  How crass of me of to deny needy people access to the same level of health care that I enjoy (at least for now).  Maybe I own a lot of insurance stocks and hope to profit from their misery.

Not wanting to be evil, I suppose I’ll have settle for stupid.

I surely wallow in ignorance, not realizing that Congress passed socialized medicine in 1798, thereby proving that it is constitutional.  (Justice Scalia welcomes these new converts to originalism.)  I really should learn to read and study before I speak.  Heck, forget about me.  What about the attorneys general of the 26 states suing over ObamaCare?  Somebody send them a copy of this article in Forbes so they can bone up on the law instead of filing suit based only on regurgitated ramblings of Glenn Beck.

Yes, that would be the Glenn Beck who looks just like Jared Loughner.  Liberals are so clever they actually put Beck’s and Loughner’s photo side by side to show how they are nearly identical.  (Liberals are smart enough to find that viral graphic without a link from me.)  Ignore the fact that Beck’s face was PhotoShopped.  It proves the point, you know, that Loughner acted based on Beck’s super-charged rhetoric, because . . . well, they look alike . . . um, after you PhotoShop them.

Now, if you’re as stupid as I am, you may have trouble following this logic.  But remember, it’s all about good intentions.  And those whose good intentions extend to shutting up Glenn Beck can all agree that he looks just like Jared Loughner (after you PhotoShop Loughner’s face onto Beck’s, that is), and therefore Beck is a crazed mass murderer.  This, in the liberal’s world, is known as “civility.”

(PhotoShop is the propagandist’s dream come true.  Does anyone doubt that Hitler would have used PhotoShop if he had it?  I guess all users of PhotoShop are just like Hitler, and Glenn Beck is just like Hitler, and Jared Loughner is just like Glenn Beck, and PhotoShop is therefore responsible for the shootings in Tucson.  Gosh, this makes my tiny little brain spin.)

I’m due for an intervention.  Soon my family will corner me and start the deprogramming process to cure my conservativism.  I can see it coming, because just yesterday on Facebook, members of my family posted the PhotoShop comparison of Beck and Loughner, cited the Forbes’ article as proof that ObamaCare is constitutional and people should read before they speak, labeled the House vote against ObamaCare as outrageous, wondered if I own a lot of insurance stocks, and opined that we have better things to do than de-fund programs.

And I’m so stupid, I look at $14 trillion in national debt and think defunding some programs is the very best thing we can do.


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