Beldar Is Back

by Fitzroy on February 21, 2010

And he’s not pulling any punches.  Picking up on Mark Steyn’s recent column (comparing our government’s obsession with protecting us from frying pans and hot tubs with its abdication on real safety concerns like Iranian nukes), Beldar addresses the remilitarization of the Rhineland:

Hitler’s remilitarization of the Rhineland — in outright defiance of the Versailles and Locarno Treaties — was when the West had its last, best clear chance to stop Hitler and the Nazis, with the likely toppling of Hitler’s government as a consequence, at a trivial military expense. All that was necessary was that France and Great Britain (chiefly the former, as the relevant neighbor) just barely flex their vastly superior military muscles — which, given Nazi treaty violations, they had an indisputable legal right to do. Indeed, the Germans were instructed to reverse course and retreat at even a display of military purpose and intent to oppose them on the part of the French. Instead, because France and Britain acquiesced in the treaty violations, Hitler promptly accelerated the conversion of his illegally reconstituted military into the fierce machine that brought us the Blitzkreig and subsequent Nazi occupation or domination of Europe.

* * *

And so here we are in 2010, in the predicament Steyn has pinpointed. Iran will get its bomb before the reins of leadership in America can possibly be passed back to someone who could summon up the nation’s will to stop that process, and by then the costs of restoring Iran to a non-nuclear status will have grown unfathomably greater.

Which provides the prime example of the unseriousness that pervades our nation, about which I posted in a lighter vein a couple of months ago.


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